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This is probably one of the most important blogs you'll come across, purely because you'll only get the truth here. If you've ever wanted to know the truth about what is in our foods and products, the truth about our health, the best way to live each and every day to the fullest, and how to live in peace and harmony with our Earth WITHOUT compromising on the things you love... you've come to the right place! While I'm learning the art of website building, I'll be writing post after post on here without catagorising it, so it may be a bit of a mess but bare with me - the wait for the main site will be worth it! There will be a heck of a lot of info going up here in the coming months, with hopefully an online shop to follow next year. Stay tuned my Apples, a change is coming xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012


This is your port of call!

If you get stuck or want to find something – you should be able to find it in here.

I will be categorising my posts to make it a lot easier to find what you want to learn more about, so at the bottom of this post you will have each category, with the relevant posts linked under it. Obviously as the site gets bigger, I’ll change the layout a bit but the general idea will remain the same! If there is something you want to get to the bottom of that hasn’t been covered yet, just flick me an email and I’ll get onto it. This isn’t just a blog for me, it’s for everyone.

Chemical name and number

Individual product types (ie: yoghurt, and comparing the varieties available)

Brands (named and shamed, or glorified)

Non-branded perishables (fruits, veg, meats)

General need-to-know links and articles

In the garden

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